Bobbin’ for BoobiesTM is a new 1in8 initiative designed to not only raise money for the 1 in 8 Foundation but also to help keep the rivers and lakes of the world, environmentally strong. Bobbin' for Boobies will take the form of a series of 13 races on rivers and lakes, featuring homemade watercraft constructed by the participants. We are looking for everything from inner tubes to intricately constructed contraptions and their only requirement is they must be painted pink.

A portion of all the money raised from each Bobbin’ for Boobies event, will be donated to an environmental group in the area, to help maintain the body of water on which the events was held. We would like to stage events on the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Hudson, the Monogahelia, the Chatahoochi Rivers and Lake Havasu, but we are open to any lake or river suited to the event. If you would like to help us stage a Bobbin’ for Boobies event in your area, please contact us.


The Hero’s RideTM is another initiative designed
to aid as many people as possible. Created by 1in8 CEO Ken Vrana,
many years ago, in involves not only the 1in8 but law enforcement
and fire agencies nationwide.

We would like to stage one Hero’s Ride in every state in the Union,
and the idea is for all the law enforcement agencies in the state;
City, State, and Federal to challenge all the Fire Departments and
EMT/EMS agencies in the state, to see who can bring more vehicles
to the event. There will be bands and food as well and 25% of all
the money raised at each event will be given to that state’s Fallen
Firefighters Association and 25% will be given to that state’s Fallen
Police Officer’s Association.

If you have any relationships with fire or law enforcement
personnel in your state and would like to help us but on a Hero’s
Ride, please
contact us.




Bikinis vs. Breast CancerTM is an initiative designed to both raise money for the
1in8 Foundation but also as an attempt to break the “Guinness Book of World Records,” to see how many
women we can get in one place in pink bikinis. At present, the world’s record is 1,110. These events will be
staged at hotels, beaches and casinos worldwide and will feature not only the women themselves, but
terrific bands and many other surprises and winners will be selected at each event. Who at the end of the
year, will be eligible for major cash and other prizes and modeling contracts. If you would like to help us put
on a Bikinis vs. Breast Cancer event in your area, please
contact us, for further details.


Bowlin' for BoobiesTM is a new 1 in 8 initiative for 2008. The program will be hosted by bowling alleys all over the world and will take
the form of a 24 hour ‘bowl till you drop' marathon, live music, car and bike shows, beauty and bikini contests and auction items.

Teams will be created by the host alley, and each team will compete to see what team and then individual team member,
can bowl the highest score in 24 hour hours of consecutive games, with minimal 15 minute breaks, every 4 hours.

There will be prizes for the winners and surprises through the weekend to keep things exciting. If you own an alley, bowl or know someone who does,
please contact us about putting on one of these fun events. We would also like to hear from bowling clothing and equipment manufacturers.
We'd also like to hear from car and bike clubs and local bands who'd like to participate. Just click on our
contact page and let's start talking!






 The 1in8 Bald is BeautifulTM initiative is
designed to demonstrate men's support of women with
breast cancer and will take the form of men all over the
world shaving their heads at local barber shops. The guys
who participate in this event will pay for the hair cut but
that money will be donated to the 1in8 foundations.
Participating barber shops and hair salons will benefit from
the positive publicity that flows from these events and all the
hair collected from these events will be given to organizations
involved in producing natural wigs for chemo patients.

Our goal is to hold Bald is Beautiful events in every state in the
union and if you would like to create one in your area, please
contact us



Boo B-Q TM is a great event for someone who wants to do something fun and easy but doesn't
want to tackle one of our larger initiatives. It's a backyard barbecue and all you have to do is invite all your friends, ask each of
them to bring their favorite dish and write a check to fight breast cancer. It's a great chance to get together and while it will
probably not raise thousands of dollars, if we do thousands of these events and each raises just $1,000, that can make a huge difference
to a lot of women. We can even provide you with the art work for on-line invitations.




  Clunkers for Cancer TM  is an initiative that almost anyone can participate in and what’s great,

is that you can help women in real need, while actually saving money in the process.


So many of us are driving around in vehicles we can barely afford to keep on the road. With the incredible rise in gas prices,

that old car, truck or boat, sitting out there in your driveway, is costing you more to drive than it’s worth, and the older and more

technically timeworn it becomes, the greater a drag it will be on both your pocketbook and the environment.


As part of the 1 in 8 Motorsports Builders and Great University Build-Off Programs, we are looking for people who would like

to get rid of that pile of iron by donating it to the foundation, where we will have world class customizers gut your old clunker,

turn it into a beauty queen and then auction it off to raise money for breast cancer. Not only will you really be

helping us help others, but you’ll also receive a tax deduction, based on the current Blue Book value of that vehicle.


We are looking for cars, motorcycles and trucks of almost any age, boats, both wooden and fiberglass, jet skies,

snowmobiles; pretty much anything else that has a motor and is in decent shape. It must run well and be available

for transport by our team of experts. We’re looking for vehicles not only all over the United States but in Canada as

well.  We are also looking for custom vehicle builders who would like to build these auction vehicles for us

and we can promise them feature stories in major automobile magazines.






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